Swimming Into


The Metaverse

What are the Marauderz?

Launched in November 2021, The Marine Marauderz are a collection of 7,777 unique and randomly generated pixelated Sharks swimming on the Ethereum blockchain. The Marauderz mission is to have amazing art, a vibrant community, and have a charitable impact!

Roadmap 2.0


15,554 VX Models

The first 7,777 VX Models will be 1:1 to your 2D Marine Marauder! These will be FREE to claim for holders!

The second 7,777 VX Models will be unique, with both old and new traits! These will be mintable with either ETH or $CHUM

We anticipate launching this collection in February 2022!

Voxel Models
For holders

Shark Adoptions!

For every Marine Marauder purchased, we will be adopting 1 real life shark!

We will initially be adopting 2000 Sharks! Following the first adoptions we will be adopting in batches of 500.

Adoptions are a great way to personally involve each member of the Marauder community, rather than simply donating a lump sum. We hope our community will be proud of their adopted friend!

The adoption papers will be airdropped to each holder on the Polygon Network!


The Sandbox

In addition to our VX Models, we will be purchasing land in The Sandbox! Our goals for this land are to have a hangout spots for all, and have a P2E Racing style minigame!

We aim to have our first land purchase completed in January 2022!



$CHUM is our ecosystems native utility token! Every Marauder currently yields 10 $CHUM per day. Over the next few months we plan on introducing utility and burning mechanisms to lower the supply of $CHUM, the first being the VX Models!

A liquidity pool has not been set up by the team, as $CHUM has no real world value and is simply a utility token!

1 $CHUM = 1 $CHUM

Future Plans

What's After?

In addition to Voxels, Adoptions, $CHUM, and our Metaverse plans, we have lots in store for the future!

-> Remora VX's, for use in our Sandbox Minigame
-> Sandbox Expansion
-> IRL Events + Meetups
-> Merch drops
-> Addition $CHUM burning mechanisms
-> Continued ALPHA + Whitelist giveaways in the Shark Tank for verified holders

Q1 - 2022

VX Marauder Launch

1:1 free Claim for holders, mint additional with ETH or $CHUM

Sandbox Land Purchase

January 2022

Shark Adoptions

Finalizing and distributing Shark adoptions for all holders!

Q2 - 2022

Merch Drop

Actually cool merch drop for holders!

Sandbox P2e + Expansion

We anticipate The Sandbox to be launching here, and will be building and expanding our land. Shark Shack store.

$Chum Burning Mechanisms

We will be introducing additional $CHUM burning mechanisms. Get Ready.

Q3 and Beyond


will be distributed to ████████

Continued Charitable Giving

Holding community votes to direct donations to ocean and marine animal conservation.

████████ Utility

██████ for ██████ Will be ████████

Council of Sharks

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