Frequently Asked Questions


When did you launch?

We launch on the Ethereum blockchain on November 21st 2021. Initially we minted approximately 2000 Marauderz. A few weeks later we made the rest of the supply free to mint and sold out the rest of the collection in 4 minutes!

What is $CHUM?

$CHUM is our ecosystems utility token, it has no real world value. It is used for interacting with our ecosystem and will be a big part of the Marine Marauderz moving forward. The first utility of $CHUM will be to mint additional VX Models!

Whats next?

VX Models, Adoptions, Sandbox land box and more! Check out our roadmap to learn more!

Wen lp?

Right now due to unannounced regulations we are not planning on setting up a liquidity pool directly. This is to protect the team and the project from any unknown legal ramifications. We are actively in communication with known people in the NFT space, larger projects, and legal council to learn how to best approach this issue!

How do I contact the team?

You can join our discord channel and ask for a team member or create a support ticket!